Borile was founded by Umberto Borile, in a small artisan workshop within the town of Vò Euganeo, back in 1988. The bikes created there were shaped by the beautiful, winding country roads, which navigate the rolling hills of Italy’s Veneto countryside. But they were also born from the great passion of Umberto Borile.

It is a passion that has always pushed Umberto to design and then to build his motorcycles, piece by piece, using only the best materials commercially available. Each piece placed, is a problem solved and a moment of great satisfaction for Umberto Borile.

Working in this way, year after year, is how all of our motorcycles have been born. It is a method that began in 1988 with the Feather 520, a single-cylinder 4 stroke 500 cc. off-road model, so innovative, that its futuristic design solutions are still being adopted today.

With the Borile B500T, initially presented in 1997 at the EICMA show in Milan, we chose a new route, reinventing a classic off-road look from the sixties. While inspired by the English style of the era, our B500 is thoroughly modern mechanically, assembled by our craftsmen with painstaking care and featuring details in aluminium, machined precisely and polished by hand.



The first Café Racer B500CR was presented in 1999 with a new engine in unit with its gearbox. This bike rapidly earned the respect and appreciation of the motorcycle press, being recognized several times, as one of the best Italian bikes in recent history.

Our aim is to build all of our motorcycles by hand, piece by piece, always using the best materials available, with a maniacal attention to detail. Only in this way can we step back with pride and feel satisfaction with the completion of each individual motorcycle.

Making good use of the expertise that we’ve acquired from so many years of renowned work, we recently decided to revitalize Borile motorcycles -without losing the unique style that has made our bikes famous in Italy and further afield.

So in 2010 Borile underwent a transformation, consisting of a merger between the original founder Umberto Borile and the Bassi family of Milan.

The new company of Umberto Borile & Co s.r.l. features Umberto Borile as Company President and Alberto Bassi as its CEO. The company has taken Umberto Borile’s love of purity in design, his great motorcycling passion & wealth of motorcycling experience, and then blended it with the drive of the Milanese Bassi family to further the proud Italian traditions of Artisanal workmanship.


Borile remain based in their countryside home of Vò Euganeo, close to the historic cities of Venice and Padova. In fact, the only changes brought about by the recent merger, are positive ones, enabling the wonderful traditions of the Borile brand to forge ahead.

The last two years have seen Umberto Borile & Co. Srl put the wonderfully unique Multiuso in to production, rapidly followed by the stunning B450 Scrambler, powered by our exciting new engine. We have plans for a new version of the B500CR, and a B350EN Enduro model is in the works too.
The beautiful off-road ‘B500 Ricki’ is currently being hand-built to order, in a very limited run of 20 specimens. Finally we have another made to order model, the Bastard, which we can build around the engine of your choice.

All of these creations will be built by craftsmen, according to Borile’s traditions, with the continuous pursuit of style, elegance and perfection. Qualities that are worthy of a product that is truly Hand Made in Italy.




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